HF-3001TECHNICAL DETAILS●Operating Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz●Watt: Max 1000W●Lamp : MH400-1000W E40●Material: Die Casting Aluminium Gear Box Aluminium ReflectorPmma Cover●Finishes: White, Black, Silver(G

●Operating Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
●Watt: Max 1000W
●Lamp : MH400-1000W E40
●Material: Die Casting Aluminium Gear Box Aluminium Reflector
Pmma Cover
●Finishes: White, Black, Silver(Gear Box)
●IP Rating: IP20 (Open Bottom)
IP55 (Conical Lens Enclosure)
Packing: 80x80x35cm/10pcs (Diffuser) 78x78x20cm/6pcs (Gear Box)

Products features:
1.Die-casting Aluminum electrical box with sprayed surface treatment, strong mechanical property and fast heat dissipation.
2.They use a high purity aluminium spinning formation, surface shot oxidation treatment and epoxy powder coating with anti rust/corrosion.
3.Integrated molding of lamps and electric appliances with a compact-sized, beautiful and decent appearance design. Convenient installation, operation and maintenance. 4.The lamp shade is 5mm tempered glass, high temperature resistant, very strong and has high transmittance. Using high temperature resistant (>200℃) silicon rubber
sealing ring, this provides waterproofing, dust proofing and anti-fogging.
Used for industrial factory building, gymnasium, the lobby, shopping malls, exhibition center and other indoor place lighting.

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