The Ning Hai HAOFENG lamp industry has a strong lighting design ability, the overall lighting plan and design for the project, the simulation of the lighting effect map design, the illuminance design (DIALUX, AGI) and the demonstration of the lighting dynamic effect, with the electricians in coordination with the cloth lamp making and line design, and the support of the later installation and debugging. We can undertake the lighting engineering of the building, the road, the square, the garden lighting and the large gymnasium = department store and office building and so on. It has good reputation and after-sale service. It has completed a lot of great lighting successively in combination with all kinds of high quality brands of electric light source and advanced lighting technology. Engineering project.

With excellent quality, reasonable price, the most reliable delivery time, adhering to the principle of good faith, standard, innovation and efficient quality, we sincerely hope to develop various forms of economic and technical cooperation with all enterprises and institutions, international foreign businessmen and develop the future of common development. In the process of service work in our unit, we will strictly enforce the relevant laws and regulations of the state, respect and carry out the opinions of the demand side, safeguard the interests of the demand side, strictly control the quality, and provide the demand side with high quality service as our goal.